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The Incrediwear Knee Sleeve is Incrediwear's most popular product. The Knee Sleeve comes in four sizes and two colors, grey & black, and fit most adults comfortably. Don't let knee discomfort keep your from staying active.

 Whether you are pushing your body to the limits or just simply going for a walk to stay active; Incrediwear Knee Sleeves help you feel good and peak performance to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Embrace life beyond traditional compression to Incrediwear that embeds natural elements into the fabric fibers of our products that work with your body to maximize performance and recovery.

 GUIDELINES FOR USE: Wear as needed for comfort and relief. Incrediwear Active Wear can be worn 24/7. For maximum benefit wear when sleeping. If the Incrediwear Knee Sleeve is sliding down too much on the leg, it is a strong possibility it is wrong size. Incrediwear highly recommends measuring twice and ordering once to make sure you are getting the best possible benefit from the use of our Knee Sleeve.

 CARE & FABRIC COMPOSITION: Incrediwear Knee Sleeves are easy to clean. Wash warm or cold, tumble dry low. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.


 49% Polyester (Carbon Embedded) 25% Nylon (Germanium Embedded)

21% Cotton (Germanium Embedded) 5% Spandex


Knees & Feet Feel Much Better

Tommy Hines - PGA on Nov 14, 2016

 I've been playing golf for 45 years now and teaching golf for 25 years. Earlier this year, I started to use Incrediwear socks, knee brace, and ankle brace. I didn't feel any difference at first but after wearing Incrediwear for about 2 weeks, knees and feet felt much better than before. I'm looking forward to getting a back brace so I can bend down and get the golf ball out if the hole. Incrediwear is highly recommended by me.

 Real Relief for Knees

Elaine Tidwell-Alhaddi on Nov 10, 2016

 I have tried so many products in the form of braces. I have spent so much of my money I was hesitant to try Incrediwear. But I am so glad I did. Got some real relief for my knees. I can walk without a can. Praise God for these products. Got socks also for ankles and does not squeeze my legs.

 absolutely amazing

David Miller on Nov 04, 2016

 Over the past 6 years or so I have tried nearly everything to deal with my knee problems. After 30 minutes sitting, I have to nearly “learn” how to walk again. I bought these knee sleeves. INCREDIBLE. I have nearly complete relief and no limping. My hip doesn't hurt from walking goofy. Before you try any other product and waste more money on the "miracle cures" I urge you to give this a try. It sounds a bit over the top, but for about 80 dollars, these have changed my life.

 Great product!

Larry Erlandson on Oct 30, 2016

 I've tried several other products and nothing has helped me with my problem like the Incrediwear product. The response time to my order was great. I highly recommend their products.


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