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Goodness Is Never Too Far Ahead


Robot - Salt Water Fuel Cell Car 750


Environmentally safe, non-toxic and clean. The Salt Water Fuel Cell Car is the smallest, cheapest and the first car to be powered by saltwater. The Salt Water Fuel Cell Car gives children a chance to learn about new forms of clean energy, while building and powering their very own toy: Just add saltwater and go! 

This environmentally and kid-friendly concept reflects the new, cleaner ways we think about automobile production and demonstrates first hand to children a more effective utilization of our natural resources.

 Kids will be awed by the remarkable simplicity and effectiveness of the toy. After activating the fuel cell module with a saltwater mixture, the magnesium metal sheet (3 sheets included) can operate the car for about 5-7 hours continuously. If you want to park the vehicle, simply take out the fuel cell module and rinse with tap water and dry.

 Ages: 10+

 Amazing, but how does it work? 4 Star Review

 Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2012

 I was amazed that just saltwater can power this car, but im wondering just how it works. Also what exactly is the air cathode? is it carbon or what?

 2. Good summer entertainment 4 Star Review

 Posted by Unknown on 10th Jul 2012

 My 9 year old son really enjoyed putting this liitle car together and playing with it. "The car moves pretty fast and it works!" that's was what he said he liked best about it.

 3. Provides great entertainment! 5 Star Review

 Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2011

 This is a well built car. My 9 yr old saw this and had to have it. I was skeptical, but it really does work! My son continues to show people and everyone is amazed by this car. Very cool, a great conversation piece, and some science learning for my son.

 4. Nice 4 Star Review

 Posted by Eric on 11th May 2011

 First workshop is in the books! Wow, this is a GREAT kit. Easy to build and the finished product is fast & sturdy. I'm wondering if we can experiment with some other electrolytes between the Magnesium and what I presume is Manganese Dioxide (such as lemon juice, soda, etc). HOME RUN, OWI!!

 5. Amazing bit of technology 5 Star Review

 Posted by Christopher Burgher on 4th Apr 2011

 When I saw the Salt Water Fuel Cell car for sale, I almost didn't believe it could truly run on salt water alone. So, being curious, I ordered one and lo and behold it actually does run on just salt water. The car is easy to build, totally safe, and I was stunned at how fast it would go. All of the pieces fit together snugly and the car's construction feels solid. It's amazing how much power just a little bit of salt water can produce when placed in a fuel cell. Buy this toy and wow your friends.


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