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Robot - EM4 Robot 891


A boost in confidence- the EM4 Educational Motorized Robot Kit is your 3-speed vehicle to positively impact a young builder by using OWI’s robotics theory. OWI has designed this kit for the lovers of simplicity. Everything from its compact easy-assembly design to its need for only one AA battery provides your child with a fun and easy-to-assemble robotic playmate.

 A child can bring EM4 Educational Motorized Robot Kit to life in one of its four exciting modes: Cricket—who’s a joy on 6 legs, Beast—the master of bipedal movement, Trailer—the little engine that could move forward thanks to its motorized transmission, and good ole Grandpa-bot—everyone’s favorite bobble-headed gear-driven family member. Each mode is equipped with its own unique form of movement and with a few easy steps, transforming between each mode is a breeze. A brand you can trust and products that just make sense. Confidence-> Self-esteem -> Celebration.

Specifications:Assembled Dims:Cricket: 92.8x127x120.3,3.65"x5"x4.7"; beast: 102.4x98.7x90.3, 4"x3.9"x3.5";Trailer: 122.8x125x88.3, 4.8"x4.9"x3.5";Robot: 149.5x100.3x99,5.9"x3.9"x3.9" 

Ages: 8+ 

 5 Star Review 

Posted by Ronald F. on 8th May 2015 

Very nice educational toy. Must pay attention to details of photographic instructions. Younger children will need adult guidance and assistance. I was concerned when one review said the toy did not work, it works fine when assembled correctly.


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